UBC Campus

Almost directly outside the office I’m working (soon to be moving out of, as its rightful owner returns soon :() is the West Mall, but I haven’t really been down it much because all the stuff like food, buses etc is out the other side of the building. At any rate, the other day I did have a walk down it, and it’s really nice – no camera, yet again though. Today I rectified that, although it may be a little less photogenic this time, with the grass a bit browner and the odd cloud in the sky (yeah, I know you’re feeling my pain).  The building in pic #2 is the Koerner library, and the last time they were actually filming something: it had a big sign out the front that said “School of Divinity”, with bored-looking nuns standing around (I think one of them may even have been smoking). Apparently they do quite a lot of filming around the campus.  Right up the end of the mall is the rose garden, of which I attempted to capture a panorama. Shortly before that is “this thing that you stand on and your voice sounds funny when you speak” (it’s the W. Robert Wyman Plaza, and yes, your voice does sound funny). Right opposite the Koerner library is the I. K. Barber library, which looks a little odd with two modern glass-fronted buildings flanking it!  Clearly I need to explore more of the campus! (It’s huge).

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