Canada Day "Fireworks"

Apparently Wednesday (1st of July) was Canada day, with a public holiday and fireworks in the evening. I didn’t actually get up to much during the day, but around 10pm a bunch of us headed to a beach above the downtown area and gathered along with 5000 others (numbers pulled from no-where, but it was packed). We found a bit of space and settled in, while all around us people were setting up tripods etc, and were generally a-buzz. ┬áThen… the distant sound of fireworks going off, somewhere way behind us, without a single flash to be seen! This was rapidly followed by the sound of 5000 people saying “WTF?”, and the beach pretty much cleared within 5 minutes. Photos (extremely blurry, sorry) of before and after. No, we didn’t try and catch the end of them; they were obviously way away. ┬áThis is Web 2.0 in real life, people: the wisdom of the crowd.

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