TIL: yasnippets and .yas-parents

As Emacs treesitter support matures, I've been adopting more and more of the built-in converted modes, for example python-ts-mode in place of python-mode, etc. There's a great article at masteringemacs.org on the process, but essentially you can specify that when python-mode would have been invoked, you should instead use python-ts-mode.

This is not copmletely transparent; in particular, hooks defined for the old python-mode don't automatically run for python-ts-mode as well.

The other day I found another omission, albeit with a fairly unobtrusive workaround. I use the yasnippet package for snippets1, and mostly rely on the yasnippet-snippets predefined collection. These are grouped by modes, and… not surprisingly a snippet defined in python-mode does not automatically become available in python-ts-mode.

However — this examples assumes that you also load ~/.emacs.d/snippets/ — if you add a file ~/.emacs.d/snippets/python-ts-mode/.yas-parents, containing the single line "python-mode", then all snippets defined in python-mode will also be loaded and available in python-ts-mode.

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For eg, in Python I can type init followed by <TAB>, and get a complete skeleton for def __init__, with the cursor in the right place etc.


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2023-07-22 11:15 +0000

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