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I'm a happy customer of the Pinboard bookmark service. I was grandfathered in on the original one-time payment plan, and even recently converted to a regular subscription when he politely requested I consider it.

The thing is… I hardly ever use pinboard! Bookmarking just isn't on my radar these days; that's what search-engines are for.

What I've long wanted though is some sort of serendipity in the service. I don't have a problem locating something again if I remember what it was, but I have no idea what I've since forgotten about. As I discovered in my last post though, now I know that it's a fairly simple job to implement a "random links from your past" email.

In readiness, I've tried to be a lot more cavailier about bookmarking anything that seems remotely interesting. I have a few "interesting links" emails in my Inbox these days (Digg, Refind, etc) that try to use social cues or AI to find interesting stuff… now I have one more, but based on stuff I've personally and explicitly already marked as interesting!

Feel free to clone the repo and run your own. It should run out of the box with a few secrets configured.1


The email itself hasn't been styled at all… that's my next project!

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2021-10-16 00:00 +0000

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