Three peaks

(but not those three peaks).  This weekend's adventures: a loop in Collinsvale, climbing Collin's Bonnet, Trestle Mountain, and Collin's Cap.  The track can be seen here.  Hmm, let's see what Posterous does with a track link: View Larger Map There's the usual GPS inaccuracies, including stopping short of the actual finishing point; what looks like an off-track detour to Trestle mountain though is actually correct, as the track in the guide (and on the map) was closed for re-vegetation). As you can tell from the photos, it was a spectacular day (note to self: 1200ml of water is probably not enough on a hot day.  Also, I got a bit burnt).  It's a really nice area, too.  It starts in Myrtle forest with a small water falls shortly along the track, then quickly climbs out of that and through Eucalyptus scrub into alpine.  There's two panoramas from Collin's Bonnet area; one just below the peak, and one from the peak. Trestle Mountain is accessible off a fire trail, and has some awesome rock formations up the top (panorama included), as well as great views back to the Bonnet.Collin's Cap is via another intersecting fire trail, and is a fairly popular walk from the Myrtle track where I started.  Thankfully, no-one was there by the time I got there!  In the final panorama you can see Collin's Bonnet on the left, and Trestle Mountain to the right.  (Hmm, gmail is dying trying to attach that last one – I might have to upload that separately)

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