San Francisco, day 3

Main activity today was a bay cruise; I felt like doing something touristy and just seeing the sites. Unfortunately, I kind of ended up regretting it, mainly because of the other tourists (and the cheesy pre-recorded narration by “Captain Nemo”, although to be fair I couldn’t hear it most of the time… due to the screaming kids jumping on my feet). Also, I really understand why people hate Fisherman’s Wharf.  While waiting for that I did a quick walk in to to Coit’s monument (that phallic thing in the photos; a few of the shots were also from that hill). I didn’t end up taking many shots on the cruise (especially after my camera copped a spray of salt water), but there’s some token pics of the bridge again (I told you there were a lot of kite and wind surfers), Alcatraz, and the sea-lions of Pier 39.  [Aside: my watch battery ran out about 6:30pm last night, and do you think I could find a place to replace it on a Sunday? Of course not; I’ll have to try and duck out of the conference at lunch some time I think. So most of the day I had no idea what time it was, until I remembered that my camera also displayed the time]  After that I registered for WWDC and went to an Australian delegates' party (there’s 10 in total from Tasmania, btw!). This was probably cutting things a bit fine; apart from the whole not-knowing-the-time thing, I possibly caught a sub-optimal tram back, which was then exacerbated just after I’d got on when someone on a bike caught a wheel on the tracks in front, and hurt themselves – so we were delayed something like 15 minutes with fire engines (not ambulances, you say? Yeah, I have no idea either) parked in front, while I thought “hmm, should I get off now and walk back and find a better option? Nah, won’t be long now…. Ok, I really should have got off a while ago, how about now?”. Fun times.  Work starts tomorrow anyway, which is also fun in a geeky way. People are apparently going to be queuing outside from around 3, or worse (keynote starts at 10, people). I think 9am should be fine. I don’t think you even get a better seat if you’re early, either!


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2009-06-07 00:00 +0000

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