Andrew Hyatt's emacs calc tutorials

If you use Emacs, then perhaps surprisingly one of the best places to hang out is the Google+ Emacs community.

You also may or may not be aware of the calc facility embedded in Emacs. It seems to be one of the lesser-known features, and even among those who do know about it, many are unaware how sophisticated it is. You can invoke it with M-x calc, or C-x * * and at first glance it seems quite primitive… until you read the manual, at which point it can instead seem impenetrable!

Hidden underneath the spartan, stack-based interface is matrix and vector arithmetic, date and time calculations, unit-aware calculations and conversion, symbolic manipulation, and on it goes.

Nearly a year ago Andrew Hyatt posted a series of tutorials that explored a lot of the corners, but one of the weaknesses of Google+ is that content can be hard to aggregate or find again.

So, when I remembered the other day I went back and dug up all the ones I could find, in order to provide a pointer back to them! Just as I was completing the list I discovered that there is already one archive on the EmacsWiki, but one more is certainly not going to hurt discoverability.

The Tutorials


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2013-12-07 00:00 +0000

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