Thark Ridge to Mount Montagu

Retracing a previous walk, but this time continuing on: last time I essentially got to the end of the ridge and hard to turn back, but this time I was able to push on (although, I only just got back to the car before sunset).

Shortly after where I'd previously turned back the views become more expansive, then descends through a bit of a marsh. This made life interesting; I was walking into the sun so had little visibility, plus the path was so overgrown that apart from shredding my shins I couldn't see where I was placing my feet a lot of the time anyway (it was usually into water). 

In truth, I didn't have a single plan when I set out; I had thoughts about looking for Devil's Throne again, and I also had vague ideas about revisiting Wellington Falls again (from the top, via the same rock-scramble that I previously took from the opposite direction coming from Cathedral Rock) or climbing Mount Montagu.

I still have no idea where Devil's Throne is, and after blindly following the only track I could see realised I was near the exits to the falls and Mount Montagu. Since I hadn't actually climbed it before, I picked the latter -- it's an easy climb of about 20 minutes, and shortly before the summit the cover opens out so you get nice views back over the ridge and down to the water. Immediately below the summit is a spectacular view down over the Thumbs and Cathedral Rock to the water, and the view from the summit itself is also well worth-while.

The track can be found here. (Unrelated gripe: I use My Tracks for Android, and the latest version apparently removed the ability to upload to Google Maps; you have to export to KML first and upload that! The alternative option they do now offer is an export to "Fusion Tables", but I couldn't see an easy way to load this into google maps. Might just be me).

Mark Hepburn 14 February 2011
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