Wellington Falls via Milles Track

My last trip was to Wellington Falls. The conditions seemed ideal: we'd had a week of rain ensuring the falls should be gushing, followed by a couple of days of glorious sunshine and clear skies for walking. Not only did it deliver, but I didn't even encounter a single other person the entire time!

You can see my earlier visit to the falls via the Cathedral Rock circuit here; apart from that route I thought the only approach was via the fairly sedate pipeline track. As it turns out there's a track from the Springs along Milles Track, which is both more direct and more picturesque, with nice views of Cathedral Rock and Montague Thumbs when the cover opens up a bit. About half way along you encounter the "Potato Fields", which is quite a large sprawling boulder field the track passes over.

Track available here.

Mark Hepburn 24 January 2011
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