Nepal Photos

....are coming soon, I promise! I've just been doing the initial
cull, so I can start posting shortly (I think I'll batch them, grouped
by day or by trek segment).

In the mean time, while you're eagerly waiting may I suggest you check
out other people's photos, from the same trip: (or, "Around the Himalaya in 15
photos"). Paul was one of my travel companions. Matt
both had a much better camera, and is a vastly better photographer
than me, so really you don't need to check back here after looking at
his (also, his trek was slightly more extensive). Matt was doing
essentially the same itinerary as us so we kept bumping into him, and
he ended up joining us for a few days when his other trek buddies had
to leave. I'm actually in a couple of those shots, for those who
don't believe I was really there!

Mark Hepburn 25 December 2010
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