Vancouver: Tofino and Sea Kayaking

One of my favourite experiences from this visit was my trip to Tofino, a surfing town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. As I've said previously I wasn't that organised,and this was all booked literally the day before, and consequently I paid through the nose for accommodation (and was probably lucky to find any at all).

As it turned out though, it was amazing. The ferry over was a procession of mist-shrouded islands, and almost impossible to capture on camera. I have no photos at all of the bus drive through the centre (from Nanaimo ferry terminal, but I can only imagine how good the hiking must be in there. The mist never really dissipated when we got into town either, but this time at least I got some photos to try and demonstrate the spectacular location (almost none of the tiny town itself I realised, which is a bit touristy). The place I was staying was just across the road from Chesterman Beach, one of the sites of the Cold Water Classic (not much swell when I walked down though).

What I was really there for though was sea kayaking, and of course I got almost no pictures of that either (too much of a hassle to get the camera out of the dry bag each time), but it was everything I'd hoped for. They actually ended up changing the itinerary due to the fog, but I doubt it mattered. We did get a fair bit of sun in patches as well. Most of the pictures from the trip I did take were when we pulled ashore on a large island, and walked inland a bit to visit the town's water source.

Mark Hepburn 20 September 2010
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