Vancouver: Capilano Pacific Trail

Probably my only regret about this trip is not getting "outdoors" enough, which was partly due to having to rely on public transport, and mainly because I just wasn't that organised (this is a bit of a theme of the trip unfortunately!). I was desperate to do a bit of trekking though, and settled on the Capilano trail, which is accessible on the same bus route that goes to Grouse Mountain.

It's certainly set in spectacular surrounds, and starts on a dam. The walk itself is quite pleasant, but the trail is very easy -- would be great for running though. It eventually breaks into suburbia again, and although it eventually crossed through down to a river again I wasn't convinced that it was going to get any more interesting and turned back. This was probably a mistake as I think it actually went all the way to the inlet and I wasn't that far from the end, but I was short of time as well.

On the way back I detoured through a few side trails, including -- more by good luck than any recollection of the map -- stumbling across "Grandpa Capilano", a 61m cedar.

Mark Hepburn 20 September 2010
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