Phd Comics; in which I need to get a life

 In a previous life I did the postgrad thing (for a lot longer than I want to talk about), and fortunately during that time I did not discover PhD Comics.  They're just a little close to home!  Now of course they're hilarious, although the wounds were still a little raw even a year or two after finishing...

On a whim this weekend I decided to catch up on the entire archives, and start from the beginning (there are over 1300, at time of writing).  I deluded myself that I would do this in 10-strip segments, whenever I felt like a break or whatever.  Unfortunately I quickly got irritated with the mouse clicking and waiting for the page to load, and figured it would be easier if I made it keyboard navigable (this is the "in which I need a life" bit, not the reading of the entire archive!)
Attempt one was a simple greasemonkey script (although I'm actually using chrome, which can run greasemonkey scripts as extensions these days, with a few restrictions):
So, now you can navigate back and forwards using the arrow keys, or l or j for forwards, h or k for backwards if you prefer.  Success!
Well, not quite, because you still have to wait for the entire page to load, and I am quite impatient.  Thus, the current approach is a bookmarklet: open just the image of the current comic (right click -> open image in new tab, or whatever), then click the bookmarklet to get the the next one.  Much more efficient.
Here is the bookmarklet: Next Comic.  Drag that to your bookmarks bar and you're good to go.  Source for completeness is below; it's rather terse and ugly, and I'm feeling a bit dense --- I'm sure there's an easier way.  Anyway, it works, and we will never speak of this again.
Mark Hepburn 24 July 2010
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