Ferntree / Zig-zag / Panorama / Shoobridge Tracks

Last Monday was a public holiday and I needed to get out of the house, but didn't have much planned. It was quite sunny and I decided to do a lengthy loop up on the mountain, which might not have been the best decision since there wasn't a lot of sun up there. There was hardly a breath of wind though so temperatures were still fine.

Very few photos posted, partly because I didn't take many, and mainly because all the ones I did take were pretty ordinary.

The loop starts in Ferntree and climbs straight up to the summit, via the Middle and Radford tracks to the Springs then up the Zig-zag track. There was remnants of snow from around the 700m mark from memory, and it became very icy and slippery for the last few hundred (vertical) metres. From the summit it descends via the Panorama track, which is really just a short-cut across a bend of the Pinnacle road, and was alternately quite pleasant, snowy, and occasionally like walking along a creek. From there you need to walk along the road for a while, before descending further down Hunters track to junction cabin, then take Shoobridge track. This passes the Octopus tree (an old eucalyptus tree with its roots growing over a large boulder), then an adjoining track which passes O'Grady's falls. Shortly after here I took a wrong turn and wound up on Huon road, rather than crossing Pinnacle road again via more tracks back to Ferntree, but rather than backtracking I just walked the last few km along the road.

Complete track.

Mark Hepburn 19 June 2010
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