Smith's Monument

This is a slightly belated post; the pictures actually date back over a month ago!

Last time I mentioned walking up the ice-house track but having to turn back instead of continuing on to Smith's Monument. The other approach to Smith's Monument starts from the summit (the same place the zig-zag track exits), and that's the route these photos are from. I also mentioned last time that while the weather then was quite pleasant and still the vegetation hinted at a much more tortuous climate -- and that's what it was like this time, although (unfortunately) the photos don't really capture it. It was bitterly cold, with an alpine wind just ripping through. Most of the walk is over and to the back of the summit, and is very exposed.

I have to admit, I didn't actually know before-hand what the monument actually was! As it turns out, Smith was a respected doctor in the 1950s who died of exposure, and the monument is a plaque (covered with a canvas bag for protection against the elements) where his body was found.

Linking up with other walks, you can also see Cathedral Rock in the 5th-last photo (before the panorama).

Track, for the curious (includes a detour to the Icehouse again).

Mark Hepburn 11 June 2010
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