Icehouse Track

I was planning on working today, but the weather was unexpectedly nice so I had to get out! At the last minute I decided on the icehouse track on Mt Wellington, which I hadn't been on since high school.

The track is a bit damp going up, then the vegetation thins out as you pass through a few boulder fields. Near the peak is another boulder field with views over the river, next to the ruins of one of the icehouses that give the track its name (in the early days of the city, snow was packed in these pits to form ice, which was then carted back down to the city).

I kept going up to the plateau, past another boulder field overlooking the city, and unfortunately at this stage I had to turn back while it was still light, since I only started around late afternoon. It was almost magical up there though; twilight approaching and very still, but the tortured trees revealing how brutal it can be! I didn't get to Smith's Monument, but there's an alternative track to it from the pinnacle that I might try some time (it was at the junction of that track that I turned around).

The GPS track misses the start and end points, but you get the general idea. The zig-zag track that I've posted about before starts at the same point then takes the right fork (technically, the left fork is Milles Track, with the icehouse track departing off that).

Mark Hepburn 17 April 2010
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