Cape Raul and Shipstern's Bluff

Amazing walk with perfect weather over Easter weekend. Cape Raul is near Port Arthur if you need orienting.

The main track forms a bit of a T-junction, with the right arm going down to Shipstern's Bluff (the famous "shippies" big wave break, although there wasn't much happening on the day). You can see the bluff just right of middle in the panorama.

The left arm leads to Cape Raul, with some of the most spectacular coastline you will see anywhere in the world. There's two main vantage points at the end of the walk. The first can be seen looking down onto some columns rising up out of the water; the enormity of what you're actually looking at though is evident in the second vantage point, where you can see that it's actually just the tip of a massive jagged wall. For a sense of scale, there's 3 people at the top (occupying the first lookout I mentioned) in the penultimate picture!

There's a resident seal colony at the base too, difficult to make out with the naked eye but the camera's software zoom managed to pick them up.

The GPS track isn't really worth sharing.

Mark Hepburn 06 April 2010
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