I walked up a mountain again

I walked the Zig-Zag track up Mt Wellington on the weekend; first time I've done it in a while, but it's a bit of a favourite.  This time though was a complete nerd-fest: I went back to nature with...

At least I didn't have my ipod cranking.

So apart from the walk, it was mainly about testing the technology (the HR monitor was just for curiosity, and because once I'd packed a couple of pieces of electronics I figured I may as well go all-in).  The GPS app I was using is a free one from google, although I think it's a 20% project: MyTracks for Android.  You can see the resultant trace here.  It worked fairly well, apart from apparently being a bit late starting.  I basically just switched on GPS, started recording, and took off.  It appears to have only started recording my path at about the 1000m level (I started at the Springs car park, which is about 700m), so I'm guessing that it could only get a lock once I'd cleared the tree line.  No such problems on the way down.  Note that it also gives you the total elevation gain, rather than the elevation difference!  For some reason the exported track above doesn't include the elevation profile, as it does on the application, and as it does for others (click on an end marker to see; I'm not sure why mine doesn't do that).  It must have been recording time from the start though: I took 44 minutes up, didn't spend too much time up the top because it was so windy (apart from taking the now-compulsory panorama from the summit), and took a few more pictures on the way down, so that seems to add up.

The pictures are nothing remarkable, owing to my rather-average photographic skills and the fairly low-light, but there are of course a couple of panoramas (one from the very top, the second just below the summit on the way down) and miscellaneous shots.  I do like the place.

Mark Hepburn 20 October 2009
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