Lynn Canyon

Today's excursion: Lynn Canyon (via public transport, too! I'm still impressed by how accessible stuff like this is in Vancouver).
The conference is finished, so I have a couple of days off before the final workshop and a colleague from home and I went exploring (the original plan was Whistler, but that involved getting up rather early). It's a small-ish park up near Deep Cove, and as you can probably guess includes... a canyon. Also, a river running along it, and a suspension bridge built in 1912 -- the main attraction, and right off the car park.
We actually spent most of the time there exploring along the river. The first few river shots are of "30 foot pool", and you can sort of see in one of them that it does drop off fairly precipitously.
There was quite an impressive cairn up the river, and also an impressive lack of people by this stage; it must have been about 10 minutes walk from the car park! A bit further up there was a smaller "inukshuk", which is that human-like stone figurine. (There's a giant one along the sea wall, in one of my first posts). We built our own cairn further along still.
We finished the day by wandering through gas-town (that's a steam-powered clock there) which is a short strip of nicely brick-paved and cobbled streets, with nice wide footpaths and terraces, and the farmers' market. (The journey in between those two is short but... interesting :) It's quite seedy).
Tomorrow: Whistler. Yes, it still involves getting up sodding early, but at least now I'm psyched up for it, and slept last night! That will probably also mean my last post in this "series" before I head home. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at home, but I'm going to be sad as all hell to leave here.

Mark Hepburn 02 September 2009
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