Wedgemount Lake (Garibaldi Provincial Park)

Last Saturday (11th July) I went on a bushwalk up to Lake Wedgemount in the Garibaldi range national park (near Whistler). It was, quite simply, stunning: I'll let the pictures do the talking for the most part I think. I went with Sherman and Peter, another collegue from UBC (who conveniently lives about half a block from me, we realised!). I think most of the photos are actually Sherman's, in a blind selection after I'd merged them! I'd blame my camera, but he's also just a much better photographer than me.
You can read about the trail here: I was expecting bloody murder after their description of how steep and difficult it was, but it really wasn't too bad: we set a fairly easy pace I thought, stopped for photos often, and made it up in pretty good time by their estimates without straining too much. Downhill though -- I think that's the bit that everyone remembers when they're describing it! My knees copped a bit of a hammering. We actually got passed by a guy running down it too. Psycho.
So, a brief overview. We left at 6am, stopping for breakfast in Squamish after about an hour, where in the first photo I may be seen expressing my dislike of both the camera and the time. The trail starts out fairly covered, and gradually thins out, as you'd expect, although there's a few avalanche-debris rockfalls to keep things interesting. There's also a spectacular waterfall that you can only glimpse through the trees unfortunately, so no pictures of that. We saw a marmot sunbaking up near the top too, and a few more at the top. These are fairly large rodents, and there's a classic picture on the wikipedia page (make sure you click to enlarge it!).
The view at the top was absolutely breathtaking (I have a couple of panoramas I managed to stitch together that I'll post separately). I'm not a fan of being photograhed while taking in the view though. The lake is fed by a glacier, which we explored the base of after lunch. I do not like having my picture taken while eating lunch either.
Afterwards we had a quick swim at a lake near Squamish (Brohm lake? Something like that), where I was unaware of the camera, at least initially. Awesome trip; if I do one of those a weekend I'll be happy!

Mark Hepburn 16 July 2009
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