Indian Arm

I'm almost up to date again!

 I had a bit of a wander around Granville Island on Saturday (scarcely
a proper island, really), which is a bit touristy but has some nice
produce and stuff.  And some good coffee if you luck into the right

 Sunday was a bit more interesting; a boating trip around Indian Arm,
which is a bit of an inlet off the main inlet, I suppose.  Getting a
temporary boating licence is apparently as easy as signing a piece of
paper!  Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures were taken while the boat
was moving, so were at best very blurry and for the most-part also
captured mostly sky or boat floor.  You'll just have to take my word
on how spectacular it is!

 The second picture is a corner of Stanley park, with the sea wall
going around the edge -- I plan on running or cycling that at some
stage; it's around 12km I think.  That yellow mound is sulfur
apparently: lots of industrial action on the way there.

 (Oh yes, and I went to the night markets on Friday night, and yes
they're exactly the same as night markets everywhere else).

Mark Hepburn 01 July 2009
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